First paragraph starts out with a general statement(s) about the topic and gradually builds

  First paragraph ends with a clear thesis statement that tells the reader what your study is about 

 The body of the introduction summarizes and synthesizes at least 4 relevant peerreviewed empirical articles  

Relevant peer-reviewed articles presented in the body of the introduction should relate to your study (or very similar constructs) 

 Brief details about method and findings of each study and limitations (if relevant) 

 Clear rationale for why these variables go together and why your study is needed (i.e., limitations of the past work, gaps in the literature) 

 Synthesis clearly and logically leads to the “next steps” (aka, your research question); should “set the stage” for your study and clearly follow from the previous paragraphs 

 Explicitly state the research question and how it may address previous limitations/gaps in the literature  Explicitly state the specific hypotheses (these predictions should follow from the theory/research that you presented previously)  

All information that is not your own should be cited in-text (7th ed)

Avoid quotations: review the research in your own words and compare and construct it with other research 

Research question: Are there gender differences in social play (solitary and group play) among pre- schoolers

Topic:  Examining Gender Differences in Group Play, and Solitary Play Among  Preschool     

Hypothesis for Behavioral Variable #1:Boys will be more likely than girls to engage in solitary play. 

Hypothesis for Behavioral Variable #2: Girls will be more likely than boys to engage in group play 

Result:  T-test indicated no significant gender difference in solitary play 

               Results also indicated no significant gender difference in group play 


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