Assignment Content

  1. The CEO of the manufacturing company you are currently consulting for is planning to have a cross-functional division off-site meeting. The structure of the off-site meeting is segmented into small 30-minute breakout sessions. You have been asked to lead a discussion on the discovery of other viable ERP solutions and how the various aspects of customer-driven business involve and impact SCM, CRM, and ERP systems.

    Search the Internet and/or the University Library for various ERP software systems that are available.

    Determine the main selection criteria that ERP packages have in common (features, benefits, modules, and functionality).

    Select three packages from your research.

    Create a table summarizing the results of your research that does the following: 
    • Compares and contrasts how each package handles SCM, CRM, and ERP.
    • Distinguish how the various aspects of customer-driven business involves and affects SCM, CRM, and ERP systems.

      Prepare a 15- to-20 slide, multimedia-rich presentation with audio. The presentation should include:
    • Contains a comparison table of your three selected software packages
    • Lists the details of each system
    • Contains a table of comparisons
    • Discusses SCM, CRM, ERP and the relationship of customer-driven business
    • Apply differences between SCM, CRM, and ERP strategies
    • Summarizes your conclusion


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