general journal exercises listed below are the january transactions for big ben clock repair store, owned by david mcdonald. record them in general journal form. january: 1 invested $7,000 cash and equipment with a book value of $2,800 3 paid first month’s rent, $700 5 cash repairs, $1,400 purchased supplies on account, $325 repaired a grandfather clock on account, $900 8 paid wages, $275 11 purchased equipment, $550 cash 12 cash repairs, $2,700 15 purchased equipment on account, $400 17 paid for advertising, $325 19 withdrew $500 for personal expenses 21 received $500 on account from jan.8 transaction 22 paid wages, $325 cash repairs, $3,400 paid $400 on account from jan. 15 transaction 29 repaired a clock on account, $345


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