One of the most difficult challenges for modern businesses is to accurately define who their competitors really are; both in the current environment and especially in the future environment.  For example: if you were the CEO of Yellow Cab 10 years ago, would you have identified Uber or Lyft as potential competitors?

Questions for Discussion:

1. Explain why effective, accurate competitive analysis is so critical for high quality decision making in modern organizations.

2. Select two companies or organizations that you are familiar with and describe (in your opinion) how good competitive analysis may have enabled their success – OR – how poor competitive analysis may have led to their failure.   For example: Apple, Amazon, Exxon-Mobil, Tesla, Amberton, Uber, Oldsmobile, Wal-Mart, NetFlix, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Disney, Mary Kay, Toys-R-Us, Game Stop, Blockbuster, etc.


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