The assignment is to find a local (San Bernardino or Riverside counties, CA, US) economic development project. You may identify a case as reported from a city’s website, local newspapers, or other quality source. Remember, a low-quality source, or insufficient information from your sources, will affect the quality of your grade for this assignment. The Economic Development project cannot have been completed. Create a presentation (PowerPoint) 

The time frame should be about 8 to 10 minutes in length. Do not embed any videos within the presentation. No voice overs.  Please see examples I provided. Make sure your PowerPoint is your work and not someone elses.  You will receive a zero if any work is plagiarized. 

Worth up to 10 points. Presentation should include at minimum the following:

• Introduction to the economic development case – Tell your audience about the project. 

• Identify the role government played – Refer to the chapter book reading on economic development.  Every project should have a government role. 

• Identify the role of the public, if any

• Economic impact to the community – What is the economic impact to the community?  How will it benefit or not benefit the community?

• Analysis – What is your analysis of the project?

• Conclusion – Where is the project currently?


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