Question 1: Title of task: Resistance to change.

Based on ORGANIZATIONAL CAUSES, GROUP CAUSES and INDIVIDUAL CAUSES, discuss from a critical perspective why employees are reluctant to change. Use a case study of your choice in order to apply theory to practice.

Reference all sources in line with the requirements of Harvard Referencing.

Task Length: 700 words  

Question 2: Implementing Change

You have the task of implementing a change in your team’s work process. You have a very short deadline from your boss and you personally agree with the change. Half of your team is on board and ready to go. The other half is very sceptical about the change. Applying either    the types and processes of change      or  Lewin’s module of change content to set up an appropriate strategy, in a 500 word-post explain what do you do.

Length: in an approximately 500-word response (+/- 10%)


Amazon.com is one of the most successful and recognisable online retailers in the world. Its expansion from America into Europe began in 1998 and its initial strategy led to the establishment of three parallel operations in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. As it continued to grow, the organisation was faced with a number of strategic options to choose from in order to manage its growth and to continue to be successful (Business Insider, 2020). 

Inspite of the fact that it sold a vast variety of books, the initial supply chain strategy of Amazon.com in the United States had been to hold little inventory and rely on the use of information technology and the flexibility of wholesalers to guarantee rapid fulfilment of orders. This would have had a major cost implication since the cost of inventory holding would be minimised. Over time, Amazon diversified away from books and its market grew rapidly, but it also started to face new competition. In response, Amazon developed a new strategy aimed at increasing the size of the organisation. This necessitated making a number of key supply chain decisions such as where to locate new facilities (supply chain network), size of the facilities (capacity), what products to store in each facility (inventory), what systems (technology) to install in these distribution centres and how to measure performance. In the period 2000-2002, Amazon once again evolved and the focus this time was on inventory optimisation driven by better use of forecasts, new relationships with the supplier base, introduction of improved technology solutions, partnerships with other organisations and direct shipment from its suppliers to its customers. When it launched its European operations, Amazon set up three parallel operations in order to address the unique demands of its different customer bases in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Amazon also discovered that some of the practices that had worked well for it in the United States could not be replicated in some of its European Operations, particularly with respect to the structure of the supplier base and the IT capabilities of its suppliers. Eventually, in an effort to become more efficient, Amazon had to change its European strategy and to look for opportunities to consolidate activities across its different operations.

  In a post (around 500 words) briefly analyse the main challenges Amazon face, in regards to supply chain management processes, when they chose to expand their operations in Europe. 

 Critically evaluate and base your discussion on building on important ideas and issues related to Supply Chain Management. You are requested to evaluate Amazon.com’s European distribution strategy.

 Length: in an approximately 500-word response (+/- 10%) 

Question 4: Operations Improvement

In a 500 word-post, prepare a brief action plan for operations improvement to present to the company’s board of a company you are familiar with.

Length: in an approximately 500-word response (+/- 10%)


Search online for news articles about the merger of Dow and DuPont and, applying this week module content, write a 500-word post answering the following questions:

–           How has the merger progressed since it was announced?

–           Do you think both companies are following the right strategy?

Length: in an approximately 500-word response (+/- 10%)

Question 6: Strategic management models and current market trends

Select three strategic management models to help explain how businesses should position themselves to exploit current trends.

Length: in an approximately 500-word response (+/- 10%)

Post your submission by Friday 23rd April, 2021 by 11:59 pm (23:59 hours)  (UTC).


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