What negative effects does obesity have on the lifespan development (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and older adulthood)?

How could engagement in physical activity impact motor competence?

What strategies would you recommend for weight-management in obese children?

Please answer all three questions using complete sentences in 200-250 words. Provide evidence from reading Chapter 12. 


Directions: Please read the Stodden et al. (2008) paper in the Learning Activity folder. Find the illustration of the model discussed in this chapter. Examine the model and identify three relationships among the factors of motor competence, physical activity, weight status, and physical fitness. Please answer the following questions using complete sentences in 200-250 words total. 

1. Are the relationships represented as unidirectional or bidirectional (reciprocal)? Why? Give an example of each relationship. 

2. How does the model represent development? Explain in detail.


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