Write the Organizational section of your project paper. This section should be a minimum of 1000-1250 words and include at least 5 APA formatted references one of which may be the company or SBA website depending on your type of project. 

This section should include the following:

  • The organization’s mission and vision Samsung
  • The organization’s structure – How does this compare to competitors? Based on the organization’s structure – how receptive to change will the organization be?
  • The management chart showing levels and responsibility. What type of organization is it (matrix, hierarchical or something else?)
  • A description of employees and/or headcount in the organization:
  • For the company analysis: How diverse is the company’s workforce? Leadership? Is diversity company-wide or are certain levels or positions more or less diverse than others?
  • Discussion of concepts such as leadership, management, and role theories – how they are reflected in the organization?


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