identify and read one peer-reviewed research article focused on a topic in your specialty field that interests you. 

Review the article you selected and reflect on the professional practice use of theories/concepts described by the article. 

The Assignment: conduct an analysis of the elements of the research article you identified. 

Be sure to include the following: Your topic of interest. 

A correctly formatted APA citation of the article you selected, along with link or search details. 

Identify a professional practice use of the theories/concepts presented in the article.

 Analysis of the article using the “Research Analysis Matrix” section of the template 

Write a 1-paragraph justification stating whether you would recommend this article to inform professional practice.

 Write a 2- to 3-paragraph summary that you will add to your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan that includes the following: 

Describe your approach to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed research. 

Identify at least two strategies that you would use that you found to be effective in finding peer-reviewed research. 

Identify at least one resource you intend to use in the future to find peer-reviewed research.


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