End of Life

1. When is a patient appropriate for Hospice Care?

2. What is the role of the DNR form?

3. What collaborative problems exist between nurse (healthcare team) and family when they are present during the client’s dying process?

4. Describe patient advocacy for a patient at the end of their life. What issues might you address on behalf of your client who may be dying?

5. What therapeutic communications might be appropriate for the nurse to demonstrate in delivering care to a patient and his/her family at the end of life?

1.  Apply the nursing process to provide care to a dying patient.

2. Assess the dying patient, including information obtained through verbal and non-verbal communication with the patient and family

3. Determine (plan) the nursing care for the patient based on assessment findings

4. Identify/demonstrate proper therapeutic communication and support for the patient and family and provide support during the final phase of death.

5. Identify the ethical dilemmas that may be present during the dying process. Issues with advance directives; issues with family members, issues with patient care, i.e. pain management

6. Identify all members of the healthcare team that ideally would participate in end of life care.


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