Assignment: Recruitment and Selection Plan

  • Review the Learning Resources on recruitment and selection of job applicants. Pay particular attention to Chapter 5 of your Fried & Fottler text on the interview process and developing effective interview questions. Also review the document, “Recruitment and Selection Plan: Guidelines and Worksheet,” found in the Week 2 Learning Resources, to assist your preparation for the Module 1 Assignment.
  • Based on the job description that you selected and revised, develop a plan for interviewing and evaluating candidates for the target job. Include the following:

    • Consider competencies and KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes) that you identified in Part 1 of this Assignment.
    • Identify information sources for assessing the competencies and KSAOs, such as credentials; past work experiences; references, material submitted in the job application, and interview questions.
    • Determine how to prioritize and evaluate the different requirements for the job.
    • Identify which specific competencies/KSAOs are best assessed with the use of interview questions. Note that interview questions may supplement other sources of information, such as checking references.
    • Consider how rater bias will be prevented, identified, and addressed.
    • Decide who should be involved in the interview process and what guidance and training to provide to interviewers.
    • Determine how information will be consolidated for each interview and how divergent impressions may be resolved.
  • Draw on your own experience as a job applicant in a recent or particularly memorable recruitment episode to analyze the recruitment and selection process from an interviewee’s perspective. Consider issues that arose (e.g., internal vs. external applicants treated inequitably), specific challenges, positive and negative outcomes, as well as how the process can be improved.


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