Human Resource

Human Resource.

Initial Post Guidelines

Assume you are the senior HR professional at the nonprofit organization introduced in this unit’s vignette. While the employee in transition took a day of leave, you had talked to the agency director and decided that together you would develop an organizational policy addressing favorable and protective treatment of transgender members of the organization. This is currently in draft and needs the approval of the organization’s board, so it does not, at this stage, actually do much to support the employee.

  • What could you do as an HR professional to support and protect the employee in transition, until the new organizational policy is in place?
  • What action, if any, should you take to discuss the bathroom event with the transportation supervisor, remembering that there is no current organizational policy addressing transgender employees?
  • Would a townhall meeting be a good thing to do now or just prove embarrassing to the employee in transition? If you think it would be a good step to take, how would you approach it?

Human Resource


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