I Need Help With Simulations

I Need Help With Simulations.

Simulation #1

Online Project Simulation Assignment

After reviewing the content in the “Prepare” tab inside the simulation, please complete the simulation for Scenario B and Scenario C. You can do them multiple times and I encourage you to do so.  Then, answer the following questions.

  1. As you play the simulation, try to discover how varying decision parameters (target scope, team size, team skill level, amount of outsourcing, target completion date, overtime allowed, time in meetings) affects project outcomes (tasks completed, cost incurred, productivity, new problems discovered, projected completion date) and team attributes (morale, stress level, rates of mistakes).
    1. What causes each effect?
    2. What might explain the causal relationships you’ve discovered?
  2. What strategies did you attempt in managing your projects?
    1. What worked?
    2. What didn’t?
  3. What assumptions underlie your emerging ideas about managing projects in the simulation?  In other words: What might change that would prompt you to reconsider the approach you’re discovering is best for managing projects?


  • This deliverable should contain a Word document with the following information:
    • A short paragraph describing what is contained in the document
    • Your responses to questions 1-3 above
  • Save your file and name the files following the file naming convention we’ve been using in the previous assignments.

I Need Help With Simulations


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