INF 103 Computer Literacy Week 1 Quiz (All Correct)

INF 103 Computer Literacy Week 1 Quiz (All Correct). INF103 Computer Literacy

Week 1 Quiz (All correct)



Question 1.

 In the 1970s which company developed computer innovations such as the mouse, graphical user interface, and word processors? (Points : 1)







Question 2.

Digital literacy is a skill that is important for: (Points : 1)

utilizing computers effectively.

counting numbers.

reading digits.

hacking computer information.



Question 3.

 A significant and powerful aspect of the Java language is the: (Points : 1)

Source program.



Object program.



Question 4.

Which of the following is NOT an example of systems software? (Points : 1)

Operating systems


Device drivers




Question 5.

Which of the following is NOT a component of the von Neumann architecture of a computer? (Points : 1)


Arithmetic logic unit

Control unit




Question 6.

Literacy is best defined as knowing how to: (Points : 1)

walk and talk.

memorize and recite.

read and write.

think and dream.



Question 7.

Not all Apple products have been successful. Which of the following was not initially a commercial success? (Points : 1)



Apple II




Question 8.

 How many generations of computer languages have there been since the middle of the 20th century? (Points : 1)







Question 9.

 If someone was concerned about identify theft, they would be interested in learning more about: (Points : 1)

computer piracy.

computer security.

computer viruses.

computer impact.



Question 10.

Which action BEST describes a branch in a computer program? (Points : 1)

It jumps to a non-sequential line number.

It moves one line number ahead.

It moves one line number backwards.

It stays on the same line number and calculates new data.


INF 103 Computer Literacy Week 1 Quiz (All Correct)


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