John F. Kennedy International Airport


Select a commercial airport and conduct a security review based on open source information about the airport collected online or from a visit to the airport. 

Because of security issues at airports, you will not be able to obtain detailed 

information. Just make an assumption as to what security the airport has or does not have. Based on what you learned in the course and what information you have obtained about the airport you selected develop a written airport security program as discussed in the Price & Forrest text and from your research.

The paper will be 10-15 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, free of spelling and grammar errors. 

APA format with cover page, headers, numbered pages, table of contents, abstract, body of the report, and at least 5 references (Scholarly Articles).


1) Present the overall design of the airport to include diagrams.  

2) Discuss the number of flights, destinations, and airlines operating from this airport. How many passengers pass through these facilities daily or annually?

3) Present a threat analysis for this airport.  

4) Also consider the history of airport incidents. 

5) How is the security of the airport provided and paid for? Who is the responsible authorities? How much has been invested in security upgrades in recent years? 


The slide presentation will act as a visual briefing on the airport security plan research paper. 

Topic: Use the same airport that you selected to conduct a security review based on open source information about the airport collected online or from a visit to the airport and develop a slide briefing on the results of your research including major components of your written security program.

Slide presentation will be at least 15-20 slides with a cover slide. The slides need to 

be free of spelling and grammar errors. Photos are encouraged and each slide will have a reference in APA format for both the text and photo.


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