Listening Reflection 1- American Studies

Listening Reflection 1- American Studies.

This is a 2-3 page assignment. Your job is to write a personal listening reflection about one of the songs(Bessie Smith-Back Water Blues) from this module of the course. In doing so, you must:

1. Describe in some way the sounds that you hear.
2. Describe what those sounds make you think about/feel, i.e. describe how the song strikes you.
3. Tie in some reading material (Tinsley) from this module section.

You may write about any aspect of the music that you like, but your paper should in some way demonstrate your understanding of the key social and musical characteristics of the music according to the readings from our course.

This is a pass/fail assignment. If you incorporate all three of those elements, you pass. If you don’t, you fail.

music link:

Listening Reflection 1- American Studies


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