Makers Eye

Makers Eye. This assignment requires writing a short essay, submitting it to SmarThinking (or the online writing lab/OWL), revising the essay based on the feedback you receive, and submitting the two versions (draft and revision) along with a reflective response to the process.


After reading “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript” (pp. 109-113), write a 500-word essay describing your writing process. Consider the following:


  1. What part of the process is most important to you? (Prewriting/Discovery; Drafting; Revision; Editing/Final)
  2. How do you feel when approaching a writing assignment? Are you confident? Stressed?
  3. Respond to the following statements from Murray’s essay.

“When students complete a first draft, they consider the job of writing done—”

“A piece of writing is never finished. It is delivered to a deadline, torn out of the typewriter on demand, sent off with a sense of accomplishment and shame and pride and frustration. If only there were a couple more days, time for another run at it, perhaps then … .”


Your essay should include a thesis statement in the first paragraph that summarizes your process. You may want to organize your paragraphs by the steps you take to complete an essay. Be descriptive, and consider using an example of an essay or writing you have completed in the past.


How to Complete this Assignment

  1. Register at using the information provided in your textbook bundle. Students who did not purchase the bundle will use OWL (Online Writing Lab). You should register for SmarThinking by Thursday of Week One.
  2. Read “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript” (pp. 109-113) early in Week One.
  3. Write a 500-word essay using APA manuscript format that responds to the prompt above. No abstract is necessary. No research should be conducted for this assignment.


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