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The Context versus Content Project includes two paper collages of magazine pictures, photographs or photocopies, which create two different meanings.
The context of an image (its surroundings, timeframe, culture or life of the artist) has a direct effect on the content or meaning that the viewer takes away from the experience. The student objective is to begin with two like images, such as a person, an animal, a car, landscape, etc. and use them in two entirely different contexts.
Consider some of the themes in Part 4 of our text. Think about sacred places, feminist issues, religious issues or any others themes. You might think about issues in your own life, about which you could create two different contexts, based on the same original image.
1. Find an image that interests you. Make two copies of it in black and white or in color, or find two very similar pictures.
2. Position each one on a piece of paper wherever you choose, and surround each picture with additional images to form two different collages (a collage is a collection of images glued together to form a new unified piece of artwork). Each of the collages should have differing pictures surrounding your original image.
3. If this exercise is successful, you should experience different content (feeling, meaning, interpretation) from each of the two collages.
4. Actual paper collage is preferred, but if you need to create on the computer, this is acceptable.
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