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Complete the required reading for the week and respond to two (2) of the reflection questions below (unless you chose option “d”). The response should be at least 500 words in length, roughly 250 words per question. Use proper APA citation, which should not be part of the word count.

  1. Mnookin poses the question of when we should negotiate with the enemy or not? People have different viewpoints about topics. Using the textbook in chapter one, share what observations you make regarding how we avoid the common traps.
  2. Using one of the seven common traps as found in chapter one, pick one of the seven and share an illustration of how this occurs. Feel free to use any personal examples in your church or organization.
  3. Using the five basic questions on negotiation found on pages 27-28, share an example in your life where you implemented these strategies.
  4. Develop a Conflict Resolution Policy for your organization. If you select this option, you do not need to choose another question.


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