Marketing Essay

Marketing Essay.

Word limit: 2,500 words (maximum, no further allowances)

Criteria: Student must choose an individual product or service ITEM(not a line, variant or company) and undertake a critical analysis of the following:

1. The consumer behaviour of a typical customer (20%)

2. The marketing mix strategies (40%)

3. The segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies (30%)

4. Make a recommendation to improve either the marketing mix strategies or the STP strategies (10%)

5. The analysis must be based in 2018-2019 and you must support your analysis with evidence from current academic and industry literature. When choosing the product or service item, students must:

 Choose one country in which to base their analysis

 Ensure the product or service item is currently for sale in the chosen country 

 Ensure there is sufficient supporting evidence available in the public domain to undertake the required analysis

Submission Instructions: The submission must be in report format, i.e. using headings, subheadings, diagrams, tables, models, frameworks, narrative and bullet-points and references (Harvard Style). The word count ONLY EXCLUDES the title page, contents page and reference list. NO appendices allowed. EVERYTHING else is included in the word count – this includes all tables, diagrams, figures etc even if imported into the document.  

Marketing Essay


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