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Write your New Product Launch Review by answering the following questions (hint: see Product Contribution Report, Some Product Details Report and Industry Benchmark Report):

  1. How many units of your new MP3 Player did you sell? How did this differ from your Sales Forecast in your New Product Launch Plan? How does this compare to the other products in this market segment?
  2. What was the Awareness index for your new MP3 Player? How does this compare to the other products in this market segment?
  3. What was the Product Contribution for your new product?
  4. With reasons, explain whether your Pricing Strategy for your new MP3 Player was successful. How did your competitor’s prices impact your success?
  5. Do you believe your New Product Launch went to plan? Why or why not? What would you have done differently?
  6. What will you change about the strategy of your new product going forward?


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