Mentoring Observation

Mentoring Observation.

Complete a case study on an early career teacher and your own mentoring/coaching practice. The final submission includes the following pieces:
1.    Description of your mentee and the teaching context including location, type of school (Public Elementary School), grade level (3rd grade bilingual) and content taught (reading lesson),  years of teaching experience (this is her first year) and previous preparation program.
o    Do not use names or locations in this description; provide pseudonyms for your mentee and the location/school
2.    Summary of a pre-conference discussion held with your mentee that addresses the following:
o    Focus of lesson to be observed
o    Nature of feedback desired by the mentee:
o    On what area of practice would your mentee like you to focus? (e.g., classroom management, critical thinking questions)
o    What feedback would your mentee like to receive from you? (e.g., areas where an opportunity was missed to positively redirect behavior, ideas for rewording questions)
3.    Observation data collected: This might be field notes, a checklist observing particular behaviors, etc. Include the tool you used and the notes generated as a result.
4.    Debriefing conference summary and analysis that addressed the following:
o    Logistics:
o    When did you meet and for how long? (Was it right after the observation, several days later, etc.)
o    What was the teachers attitude and demeanor? Yours?
o    How did you introduce the purpose and focus of the conversation?
o    Did you take a facilitative or directive approach? Why?
o    What positive feedback did you provide to the teacher? How was it received?
o    What constructive criticism did you offer and how was it received?
5.    Reflection:
o    Reflect on the experience and the process. What went well with the process of engaging in a pre-conference, observation, and post-conference? What would you do differently next time?
o    What impact do you believe this mentoring experience had on your mentee? Why do you think so? How did this experience impact you personally?
o    What goals do you have for your mentoring practice as a result of this case study?
The case study must be APA-style, 5-part paper (identify each section of the paper as you address it) and include any necessary support materials as an appendix in the paper. This final project must be 5 pages.
Support your statements with evidence from your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Mentoring Observation


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