Meteorology tornadoes and dew points

Meteorology tornadoes and dew points. The questions in Section 1 are based off of the following three figures below.

Figure 1: Surface Weather Conditions for the Continental United States at 2200 UTC (3pm PDT) on March 22nd, 2019

Figure 2: Upper Air (300mb) level map for the same time (2200 UTC 3/22/19) as Figure 1



Figure 3: Doppler Radar Surface Reflectivity (Left) and Velocity (Right) from the Amarillo, Texas weather station taken at 2315 UTC (4:15pm PDT) on 3/22/19.

image4 image5.png


From Figure 1, there is ____________________________ near Amarillo, Texas.

image6.wmf All of these are True
image7.wmf Thunderstorms (as seen as orange/red spots embedded in a blob of green radar returns).
image8.wmf A Low Pressure System
image9.wmf A Warm Front


The dew point temperatures of locations south of Amarillo are in the 50’s and 60’s, which indicate that there ________ sufficient moisture for thunderstorm development.

image10.wmf Isn’t
image11.wmf Is


Also, from Figure 1, surface weather features (such as the presence of a warm front and low pressure system) indicate that:

image12.wmf There is a triggering mechanism present to lift moisture into the atmosphere.
image13.wmf There is no triggering mechanism to lift moisture into the atmosphere.


Looking at Figure 2, which shows upper-level conditions over the United States, there is a _________________ present to the West of Amarillo.

image14.wmf Ridge
image15.wmf Trough
image16.wmf Zonal Flow


Furthermore, to the west of Amarillo (specifically over Colorado and New Mexico), there is an area where plotted station models are featuring a Pennant, plus some combination of short or long feathers, indicating that there is ________________ present.

image17.wmf Not enough evidence
image18.wmf An area of low wind speeds of completely Calm Winds
image19.wmf A Jet Streak/Area of Stronger Winds


Putting all of this together, there is ________________________________ present to allow for thunderstorms.

image20.wmf Supportive Upper-Level Conditions
image21.wmf All of These
image22.wmf None of These
image23.wmf Sufficient Moisture
image24.wmf A Triggering Mechanism


Finally, looking at Figure 3, which shows both base reflectivity/velocity, there _______ sufficient evidence that thunderstorms are occurring near/to the west of Amarillo, Texas. Additionally, the base velocity image shows some “speckles” of red embedded in the large body of green due East of Dalhart, indicating that __________________ are possibly present.

image25.wmf Is; Tornadoes
image26.wmf Is Not; Tornadoes
image27.wmf Is Not; Clear Skies and Calm Weather
image28.wmf Is; Clear Skies and Calm Weather


The questions in Section 2 are based on figures 4, 5 and 6 below, which are maps indicating the position, intensity, and forecast for Tropical Cyclone Matthew, which was one of the quickest intensifying and most damaging hurricanes to hit the Florida Panhandle in history.

Figure 4: Matthew at 10pm CDT on Sunday, 10/7/2018


Figure 5: Matthew at 7pm CDT on Monday 10/8/2018


Figure 6: Matthew at 7pm CDT on Tuesday, 10/9/2018.



At 10pm CDT on Sunday, October 7th (Figure 4), Michael was a:

image32.wmf Tropical Storm
image33.wmf Hurricane
image34.wmf Major Hurricane
image35.wmf Tropical Depression


While Hurricane Michael was ____________________ to eventually make landfall along the Florida Panhandle, there _____________________ Tropical Storm/Hurricane warnings issued for Florida at 10pm CDT on 10/7/2018 (Figure 4)

image36.wmf Not Forecast; Were
image37.wmf Forecast; Were Not
image38.wmf Forecast; Were
image39.wmf Not Forecast; Were Not


The reason why your answer to the question above is true is because

image40.wmf The storm was forecast to weaken before reaching Florida.
image41.wmf None of these are true.
image42.wmf The storm is forecast to move away from Florida, leaving it unaffected.
image43.wmf It is still too early to issue warnings (which are issued between 24-48 hours ahead of tropical storm/hurricane conditions arriving).


Moving ahead to 7pm CDT on 10/8/18 (Figure 5, which is 21 hours later from Figure 4), Michael has:

image44.wmf Remained a Tropical Storm
image45.wmf Strengthed into a Major Hurricane
image46.wmf Strengthed into a Hurricane
image47.wmf Weakened to a Tropical Depression


At this time (Figure 5), watches and warnings _____________ been issued for Florida.

image48.wmf Still Have Not
image49.wmf Have


At 7pm CDT on 10/8/18 (Figure 5), Michael was forecast to strike the Florida Panhandle as:

image50.wmf A Major Hurricane
image51.wmf A Tropical Depression
image52.wmf A Hurricane
image53.wmf A Tropical Storm


Finally, 24 hours later (7pm CDT Tuesday, 10/9/2018), Michael had ____________________________.

image54.wmf Actually had Weakened into a Tropical Depression
image55.wmf Actually Weakened into a Tropical Storm
image56.wmf Indeed Strengthed into a Major Hurricane
image57.wmf Had Dissipated


Thank you for being a great class. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future. Best Wishes and enjoy your Spring Break!


















































Meteorology tornadoes and dew points


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