Milestone 1 Of Project 4 – 5 Business Law

Milestone 1 Of Project 4 – 5 Business Law.

Please see attachment……Introduction, Facts and Laws, Precedent, and Facts to be Determined In Module Two, you will submit your Memo Introduction, Facts and Laws, Precedent, and Facts to be Determined sections (Sections I, IIA, IIB, and IIC) of the memorandum. In the Memo Introduction, articulate what you feel are the strengths of your company’s legal claim or defense. In the Facts and Laws section, analyze the facts related to employment discrimination or unlawful termination based on your company’s perspective. Analyze the facts related to contract issues based on your company’s perspective. Identify the operative employment and contract laws that apply to your company’s case. In the Precedent section, select cases that support your company’s position in terms of employment discrimination or unlawful termination. Justify why they support its case. Select cases that support your company’s position in terms of contract disputes. Justify why they support its case. In the Facts to be Determined section, determine any facts that will help you better analyze your company’s position. In other words, what questions do you need answered before you can proceed? Explain how the identified facts will help establish the legal rights and/or obligations of the defendant in relation to your company. In other words, how would those facts reflect on the propriety and legality of the decisions that were made? This milestone should be 4–5 pages.


  2. LEGAL QUESTIONS PRESENTED (e.g., “Did Lawson breach the non-disclosure agreement?”) be sure to address, at a minimum, the pregnancy discrimination lawsuit as well as the breach of the non-disclosure agreement.
  3. SHORT ANSWERS (e.g., “Yes, Lawson breached the non-disclosure agreement.” (or “No.”))
  4. LEGAL ANALYSIS (case law and statutes that relate to the legal questions presented and that have facts similar to the facts in the class scenario — briefly explain the facts of the cases selected, what legal question the case resolves, and why it applies to the class scenario)
  5. FACTS TO BE DETERMINED (based on the case law presented, what additional facts, if true, might alter the predicted outcome of the litigation, e.g., “Did the Company have actual knowledge of Lawson’s pregnancy? Were all other junior secretaries terminated, or were they offered other positions in the company?) be sure to explain how the facts, if true, might impact the outcome of the litigation.
  6. CONCLUSION (Brief summary of what the memo has already said)
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Milestone 1 Of Project 4 – 5 Business Law


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