“Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration?”

“Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration?”.

3) Minority Student Clubs: Whether these clubs are segregation or integration in college campuses: Read pages 269-278 ( book “They say I say” with readings) “Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration?” by Gabriela Moro and then from there, select one more essay or work from the library (the source may be a PDF file if you choose, but does need to be a researched article that has been peer reviewed and published).

compose a written argument that includes the essay from They Say, I Say and the external source used from the library and then compose an essay that is 4-5 pages and includes the works cited page in addition. Your goal is to make a written argumentative essay which either agrees with the author’s point of view (even though Essay #3 seems to be more neutral) or disagrees with it (and the choice is yours, but do make a point of having a central point of view or thesis statement which agrees or disagrees with the author’s point of view.)

1) How well developed the introduction is (4 points);

2) How well written the thesis statement is designed (4 points);

3) How well the supporting details are written and explained (4 points);

Sample Solution

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“Minority Student Clubs: Segregation or Integration?”


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