motivation letter for the university of amsterdam for the economics and business economics course

motivation letter for the university of amsterdam for the economics and business economics course.

Development bank
Internship during the summer as a quality manager in a jewelry factory + accounting
I like going to michelin-star restaurants to see quality and how managers conduct their business at high-class establishments
My aspiration is to open hotels and restaurants in the future with my dad to diversify his business, jewelry business Bright Future Gems
Play for my rugby team
I like watching documentaries and immersing myself in different cultures
Worked with a few managers at my dads business and the company I worked at during the summer so I know the basics of management
While working in the business Diacraft I was able to learn how to do accounting as I was imputing the businesses ledgers into their accounting software and was working with their accountant to regulate their business expenses and make sure that there arent any differences in between the hard copies and soft copies of the ledgers
Learn how to do inventory management as the good were costing upward of $50000 a small mistake could lead to large amounts of money lost
Worked as a marketing manager for one of the businesses subsidiary rewa jewelry which made me in charge of their social media presence, logo, and their online catalogue and selling
Did muay thai

Reasons i want to do economics and business economics
I want to work on my family business in the future and a economics degreee is good as it will teach me more about how markets function and fluctuate
The future job prospects in the case that i want to work in the future will be brigt as economics is a very sought after degree for companies
The degree with the second highest paid jobs right before medical degree
Economics will give me a deeper understanding of the world than any other degree allowing me to apply my knowledge in multiple feilds and become more knowledgeable person
Allow me to become better at reasoning and analyse situations from different perspectives allowing me to think things through better in the case of things like making decisions in business as i am able to process things about both in the long term and the short term and allow me to see which options can possibly benefit me more. May allow me to see the bigger picture about things
My ability to write reports and analyse things will make me more suitable to work in high prospect jobs

motivation letter for the university of amsterdam for the economics and business economics course


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