Needs To Done On Time!!!

Needs To Done On Time!!!.

Write a minimum 4 page report explaining the results from your analysis of the ROI of Business Majors and Engineering Majors. Use your results from each weeks assignment to make this report.

This report should include:
A detailed description of the data used in this analysis specifically explain what the data in each column represents.
A detailed explanation of any information learned about: School Type for each major; The Cost for each major; The 30 Year ROI for each major; The Annual % ROI for each major. Explanations should be supported with the results obtained from your work in previous weeks.
Finally, answer the following questions and support your answer with your results. Does there appear to be a particular major that gives a better ROI?  Why or Why not? Given that we are using statistical inference to make our conclusions, is it guaranteed that the major you choose that gave a better ROI for this sample will always have a better ROI than the other major? Explain your reasoning

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Needs To Done On Time!!!


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