Object Tracking

Object Tracking.

The following has to be done:

The aim of this project is to make a program which will allow the user to take a picture of the desired object. The whole point is that the program will be constantly calculating the ratio of width to height of the object in question. Basically if a person is to stand in a room at a particular position in the room and takes a photo of the object in that particular position, the object will have a given set of dimensions at that point. If the user was to stand at another location in the same room and takes a photo of the same object at a different location, this would result in the object having different set of dimensions. The goal is to find the position in the given space at which the ratio of width to height will be at the golden ratio (1.618). This would be done by creating a 3D arrow as an interface (see Spiderman 2 videogame for an example) which would be able to point in both x,y,z direction in order to guide the user to the location at which the ratio of the object would be golden. Once this location is reached and the ratio is golden the program will automatically take a screenshot of the image in order to get the best results. All existing code on object tracking can be used AS LONG AS IT IS SPECIFIED THAT SOMEONE ELSES CODE IS BEING USED. However the code will have to be tweaked in order to accomplish the objectives above. All code that is written by yourself would have to be explained and commented as to why you are doing what you are doing.
So explanation of the code is crucial and giving credit to already written code that you will use is essential. You can use any programming language you fit best for this task.

Object Tracking


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