Organizational Proposal

Organizational Proposal.

This assignment is the first phase of your course project. Before you begin this assignment, please read the course project description and review the Course Project Overview multimedia piece.

Then, for this assignment, brainstorm potential ideas for the organization on which you will base your course project. Choose an organization with which you are familiar that could benefit from an improved IT enterprise strategy. The organization could be your current or previous employer or an organization with which you are familiar.

Write a 250-to-400-word paper in which you:

Identify and briefly describe the target organization for your IT enterprise strategy.
Describe the current IT structure of your target organization.
Provide a rationale for why you chose the organization that you did, including any special attributes and how the organization would benefit from an IT enterprise strategy.
Assess likely costs and limitations of the strategy you are proposing.
Please be sure to revise this essay carefully according to the writing standards of information technology professionals.

Organizational Proposal


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