Policy/Regulation fact sheet

Policy/Regulation fact sheet.

With evolving technology  and continuous changes to regulations designed to keep up these changes, there is usually  a need to share information  and expertise to inform colleagues,  leaders , patients and other  skateholders. In this assignment, you will study a recent nursing in informatics related healthcare policy, and  you  will share the relevant  details  via fact sheet designed to inform and educate.  Consider  the role of the nurse informaticist in relation to a healthcare organization compliance with various policies and regulations,  such as the medicare Access CHIP Reauthorization  ACT(MACRA).  Select one health or nursing informatics policy ( within 5 years) or regulation for further study.  Create 1 page fact sheet that your healthcare organization  could  hypothetically  use to explain the health or nursing informatics policy /regulations you selected. Your fact sheet should address the following…. briefly  and generally  explain  the policy or regulations you selected. Address the impact of the policy or regulations  you selected on system  implementation.  Address the impact of the policy or regulations you selected on clinical care , patient/provider interactions,  and workflow.  Highlight  organizational policies and procedures that are/will be in place at your healthcare organization  to address the policy  or regulation you selected.  Be specific . 3 References

Policy/Regulation fact sheet


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