Problems and Difficulties with Air Travel

Problems and Difficulties with Air Travel.

Many travelers have problems or difficulties during air travel. In this discussion activity, you may describe a problem you experienced; a current event that you found in a newspaper, article, video, or TV program; or one your organization or company had recently.

Please number and state each question/statement and write a separate paragraph or paragraphs for each answer.  Remember to number your answers to match the questions.  Also, remember that all discussions require a minimum of about 300 words and at least TWO sources for your References list.

Please provide a brief synopsis of the problem or event with circumstances.
What have you learned about the airline’s or FAAs plans to upgrade the system that might address this problem?
As a manager in aviation, what actions can you take to satisfy your customers with this problem, difficulty, or event?
What guidance is available to assist you in resolving a problem, difficulty, or event in the future?

Problems and Difficulties with Air Travel


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