Proofreading/Edits/Rewriting Certain Sections

Proofreading/Edits/Rewriting Certain Sections.

Need to have the attached proofed, edited, and rewrote by Sunday Jan. 12th EST. PRICE FIRM : $30.50

The main factors are below…. 

Here are the main things are as follows:   The top critique includes the  following questions/comments that Im not fully sure how to implement.   1.The question is what exactly do you plan on doing with the research  data?  

2.While you are gaining information on workplace diversity, how can  this contribute to organizations and the overall research? 

3.What will you do with this established relationship information? The  overall aim of understanding is directed at who?  

4.Who is it that you want to reach some sort of understanding? Then  what?  

***More detail needs to be included on the methodology. 

******Please note right now the proposal talks about using an  Information Technology company in Charlotte NC but I am changing that to  a Law Firm and interviewing individual participants.   The primary issue is in the methodology. Be sure that you state why the  qualitative method is best for your study and other methods are not.  Also, be sure to cite Creswell and at least one other researcher. 

Proofreading/Edits/Rewriting Certain Sections


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