Psychology and film

Psychology and film.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  You need to write only 3-5 page paper is fine, rest of it you will make a 5-slide PPT of presentation based on the topic of paper.

I choose “Freud and the Neurotic conflict” this topic.

*Final Research Paper and Presentation Prompt. The presentation is based on your paper.
MLA8 Final Paper
Pick a subject that we covered in class and explain how this will help you as a filmmaker. Your needs to be 3-5 pages max. 3-4 research sources. This paper needs to be related to psychology and film.

Freud and the Neurotic conflict
Car Jung
Dream analysis
Dream Sequence
Symbolic Annihilation
Character Psychology and behavior, for example villains in films, or specific villains/characters with mental illness/character types.
Body Language (Body Language and the brain /subtext in film related to body language.)
Personality types and their use in film.

You will be graded on:

Clarity (20%)
Introduce your theme and the main things you will focus on.

Content (25%)
Present your ideas in a logical way. Avoid repeating the lessons covered in class and expand on the theories we learned, bring something new to the table!

Research (25%) This is not an opinion piece. Support your thesis through research: something you have read, psychological theories, articles , books etc.

Form (20%)
The devil is in the details. Avoid typos, ONLY MLA 8 format is acceptable!!

Conclusion (10%)
Why are you drawn to this film and how will it help you as a film maker?

Plagiarism is not only morally reprehensible but will also result in an automatic-F
Presentation 5 slides
Slide 1 Thesis Statement
Slide 2-4 support of thesis- this can include images and film clips
Slide 5 conclusion and wrap up.

Psychology and film


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