Psychology Expert Only Please

Psychology Expert Only Please. These are Discussion Questions of Psychology. There are altogether 5 Discussion Questions and need to answer each question in 350-400 words.

Note Need to answer by Own not like regular research paper. This questions need own points. Use Book namedDiscovering the Life Span4th edition by Robert Feldman.

Question Topics:

1. What is meant by the axiom “correlation is not causation?”  Give several examples of this issue.

2. What cultural and environmental factors in the United States may have contributed to the shift from an authoritarian “spare the rod” parenting style to an authoritative one since WWII?  Is another shift underway?

3. More than a quarter of adolescents report feeling so sad or hopeless for two or more weeks in a row that they stop doing their normal activities.  The depression rate for girls is higher than for boys.  There is no evidence that hormone or gene differences account for this higher rate.  Post why you think the rate is higher for adolescent girls than boys, and what you think our educational system might do to help in this matter.

4. What does “familiarity breeds rigidity” mean?  Give several examples of this phenomenon. Give an example from your own life.

5. In 1998 Oregon passed the “right to die” law, giving physicians the legal ability to help their patients die.  Do you support this law?  Why or why not?  If you were in a terminal situation where the pain was terrible with no hope of getting better, would you want assistance in dying?  How would you feel about assisting someone that you loved?


Psychology Expert Only Please


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