Psychology issues: addiction

Psychology issues: addiction.

5 Topics from contents:
-Should Laws against drug use remain restrictive?
-Should the U.S. put more emphasis on stopping the importation of drugs?
-Should Big Pharma be permitted to discourage access to generic drugs?
-Should the legal drinking age Stay at 21 to decrease underage alcohol use?
-Should Health Care plans cover naturopathic remedies?
-Are opiates overprescribed?
-Is Opiate addiction truly debilitating?
-Is Alcoholism hereditary?
-Is advertising responsible for alcohol use by young people?
-Does Drug abuse treatment work?

Pick 5 Issues (Unit Questions above) that interest you. Each Issue presents two short articles a Yes article and a No article followed by  Exploring The Issue Critical Thinking and Reflection.
ISSUE: What is the Question?  (Start on page 2.. Each Issue should start on a new page)
Yes Article:  Identify the source
No Article: Identify the source
Learning Outcomes: Retype and Answer EACH bullet listed. You may type your answer using bullets.
Exploring The Issue: Answer ONE Critical Thinking and Reflection question. Retype  ONE question that interests you and give your opinion. Your opinion must be at least 5 substantial sentences.

*I attached a sample paper.
Needs to be 12 pages single spaced, besides between paragraphs.  I was not able to change selection

Psychology issues: addiction


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