Part 1: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Jung
(My Personal Assessment is attached)
Explain the 4-letter results of your MBTI assessment?
Do you agree with these results? Why or why not?
Explain how the MBTI assessment relates to Jung’s theory of personality development? How is it similar and how it is different?
Discuss how this information will allow you to better understand yourself and others.

Part 2: Adlerian Approach
A seven-year old male child has been brought to your office due to acting out in the home. The child is disobeying, having temper tantrums, and hitting his siblings.  The family has recently adopted two female children who are 4 and 10 years old.  Complete an essay addressing the following elements:
Explain the child and the situation using Adlers concept of birth order
Develop and explain TWO goals for the child
Explain TWO Adlerian techniques (from web resource) which could be used with the child.
Explain TWO Adlerian concepts and describe how they may be impacting situation (e.g. superiority complex)
It is also required that you use headings for these parts instead of typing the actual questions. For example, you could use Myers-Briggs Assessment for part 1 and Adlers Theory for part 2.



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