Qualitative Data Analysis Assignment

Qualitative Data Analysis Assignment.


Qualitative Data Analysis Assignment

As you have found through the reading, study, and assignments in this course, there are several designs within qualitative research. Selecting the appropriate design for the research topic is important. To correctly execute qualitative research, after a design is selected and data is collected, calculative and intentional data analysis is the next step. Finally, the qualitative researcher must present the data in a way that adequately conveys the findings and compares findings to published literature. This assignment will give you some experience with analyzing qualitative data on a small scale.

After reviewing the Reading & Study material for the module, address the following in a paper in current APA format:

Introduction (1–2 pages)

Statement of the problem

· This section should include a clearly articulated problem statement and should be directly linked to/aligned with the research question(s)

· Why did the study need to be done?

Purpose of the study and how study will be delimited

· What was the intent of the study?

· What delimiters were put in place to manage the size and scope? Who/what will be excluded and why?

The research question(s)

· What was the study seeking to answer? 

· The research question should be able to be answered via the type of data collected

· Qualitative research questions begin with “What,” “How,” or “Why”

· Hint: The research question is different from the interview questions. Do not provide the interview questions here. 

Procedures (1–2 pages)

Qualitative research strategy

· What design is most appropriate for the problem statement/research question?

Role of the researcher

· What was the researcher (you) responsible for (what you did to collect data and analyze it in this course)? 

· How does personal bias impact the study?

Data collection procedures

· What steps did you take to collecting and analyzing data (think recipe card)

Strategies for validating findings

· Hint: Refer to Discussion Board on Validity and Reliability

Anticipated Ethical Issues (2 paragraphs)

· What ethical issues may arise specific to the topic and research approach?

· Include a paragraph in this section with your prescribed approach to these issues supported by scripture

Emergent Theme Analysis and Discussion (5–8 pages)


· What are the emergent themes in the journal entries you selected? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme. 


· What are the emergent themes in the letters to prospective students you selected? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme.


· What are the emergent themes in the interviews you conducted? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme.

Collective Themes and Relationship to Literature Review

· What themes are common across the journal entries, letters, and interviews? Remember, the themes should answer the research question. 

· How do these themes compare or contrast with the sources you analyzed for the literature review?

· What are the implications of these themes for practitioners and researchers?

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Qualitative Data Analysis Assignment


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