QUESTIONS. 1342. Question


Please answer the following 5 questions.

1. If t is the expected completion time for a given activity, then ________
A) LF = LS - t
B) EF = ES - t
C) EF = ES + t
D) EF = LS - t

2. Which of the following could be a linear programming objective function?
A) Z = 1A + 2BC + ED
B) Z = 1A + 2B + 3C + 4D
C) Z = 1A + 2B / C + 3D
D) Z = 1A + 2B2 + 3D

3. If the solution values of a linear program are rounded in order to obtain an integer solution, the solution is:
A) always optimal and feasible.
B) sometimes optimal and feasible.
C) always feasible.
D) never optimal and feasible.

4. The Exorbitant Course Fees. The $75 per credit hour course fee tacked on to all the MBA classes has generated a windfall of $56,250 in its first semester. "Now we just need to make sure we spend it all," the Assistant Dean cackled. She charged the Graduate Curriculum Committee with generating a shopping list before their next meeting. Four months later, the chairman of the committee distributed the following. As the professor for the quantitative modeling course, he tended to think in terms of decision variables, so he added the left-most column for ease of use.

Decision Variable	 Item	 Cost	 Note
A	 iPads for everybody	 $750/unit	 Must get a cover if these are purchased
B	 iPad covers with MBA logo	 $25/unit	 Not needed unless we buy iPads
C	 Speaker series	 $15,000	 Can't afford both this and the iPads
D	 Subscriptions to the WSJ $10/unit	 Don't need if we have the electronic version
E	 Subs to the electronic WSJ	 $5/unit	 Worthless without the iPads

Which constraint best describes the situation with decision variables A and B?
A) B - A (less than or equal to) 0
B) B - A = 0
C) B + A = 1
D) B + A (less than or equal to) 1

5. In a 0-1 programming model, if the constraint x1 - x2 (less than or equal to) 0, it means when project 2 is selected, project 1 ____________ be selected.
A) must always
B) can sometimes
C) can never
D) is already



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