Responding To An Opinion Piece

Responding To An Opinion Piece.

Exercise 3D Responding to an Opinion Piece

Follow the directions on p 65.

Exercise 3A p. 55 – Reducing Argument to Standard Form

Put each of the arguments into standard form by underlining joining words and transitional phrases, then identifying the conclusion, and finally identifying the premises. List the premises, numbering each separate statement, and write the conclusion. Leave out joining words and phrases because standard form identifies premises and conclusions, but write each premise and the conclusion as a complete sentence.

Exercise 3C p. 62 – Identifying Hidden Assumptions


Read Hidden Assumptions in Argument p. 59

Read this article about Hidden Assumptions 

Rewrite the 10 sentences, following the directions.

Due on 02/28/18 11:00 A.M. PST

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Responding To An Opinion Piece


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