NOTE!! The MBTI score combination to be used is ISTJ. This is to be written in 1st person form pertaining to business with some personal references if desired. Use headings for each part. Use in-text citations only of provided attachments; no reference page. Resources are attached.

The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and
useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is quite orderly and consistent in the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment. However, the random variations can cause conflicts, and understanding them helps improve our ability to work with coworkers, managers and even our friends and family. Based upon your in-class results of the Myers-Briggs
self-exam tiled: Management Styles (textbook pp. 109-111), find your Purdue University results located under course resources tab in Blackboard, course resources, doc sharing. Then, click on your MBTI PDF type (ISFJ, ESTP etc.). Then, read your MBTI type in that document, and the MBTI handouts provided in class. Written parts include (page numbers are approximating): Written in first person complete all parts: (Use if I)

Part One: 1 2 pages: List and discuss all 4 of your MBTI letters combinations (each letter separately) . For example, my overall MBTI score is ESFJ. I agree that I am an extrovert because…. I disagree because… I also agree with my Sensing score because… There should be 4 short paragraphs for part one that give examples to support your conclusions.

Part Two: 1-page: In two to three paragraphs, discuss two areas that you learned about yourself and what could you learn about your peers who have different MBTI scores.

Part Three: 1 to 2 pages: Use the MBTI Purdue Result Headings (attached) of: 1) Personality, 2) career, 3) home (optional) and, 4) midlife (one paragraph for each). Do not discuss matters of sexual relationships, etc. The key here is to perform a self-assessment based upon what you read and whether you agree or disagree and why. Keep this business relationship focused but keep in mind, that sometimes your personal relationships transfer into business relationships. Give examples, state what you learned.

Part Four: 1 page: Self-assessment: Using the handouts/resources, STRESS handout, and course text, discuss how you might use your MBTI results to have a better interpersonal relationship with people in an organization. This part must be 2 pages of written work. You have learned about possible conflicts with other MBIT types in class,
which should have you thinking about how your personality differs from others, so give examples, and dont forget to look under the Emotional Intelligence Tips handout and the MBTI Power Point for help. Using and citing both the handouts, Power Point and textbook will ensure a good grade, as it demonstrates you are making a connection to the resources and your thoughts on how to improve.

Self-Assessment Essay Grade Rubric (20 points):

1. APA Compliant paper (3 pts.) APA 6th compliant title page, (no abstract), double-spaced, used headings as
per APA to organize/separate concepts and sections, 1.0 margins and has an APA reference page. References
must be cited in the text and reference page. Must have all components for max point value. Students may
search from Word to find an APA template.

2. Grammar (4 pts.) Written in first person with introduction, main points, and summary. Less than 3 spelling and/or syntax errors logically organized, and mechanics are sound so the reader may easily understand your messages. For every three errors or part of, another point will be deducted.

3. 4 to 5 written pages, do not go over 5.5 pages (Title and Reference page do not count but are required.)
– Introduction of the essay Covers the overall theme of the essay and ends with a thesis sentence.
– Complies with Parts 1 through 4 stated above. Discussed learning points that connect with examples and resources and the course text to support your learning. Using a wide area of resources will ensure you receive maximum point value.
– Each essay must reflect MBTI results, Purdue resources that includes a self-evaluation of your results and a discussion on how you will use them to have a better business relationship with bosses, peers, customers etc.
– Summary, short and to the point



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