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Find an article or report that discusses and provides the demographics of Jewish American Cultures in the United States and provide information from that article that you think will provide other people a clear understanding of the demographics. This seconds as a substantial “myth buster” because most people’ s general understanding of how many people of different races and cultures are in our nation, and where they live is generally based on misconceptions.
Make sure to provide a link to the article/report.
A group’s/culture’s journey to the US (or not) is an important aspect of their culture. It will be part of defining them and their perspective, so it will be critical for us to understand it. Critically find a video online that discusses the history of the journey of Jewish American Cultures. Provide a short introduction as to why you selected that particular video. Keep in mind that research includes critical selections from what you have found, so be very careful of just picking the first video you find. You should find several and select the one that you think provides the best information on the group’s/culture’s journey to the US (or not).
Make sure to provide a link to the article/report/video
1 page altogether including video links
this is due Sunday November 8th at 8:00 P.M EASTERN CENTRAL New York TIME


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