Sociology Journal

Sociology Journal.


* -(This YouTube video is not specific to the sociology of crime and violence, but is very much relevant to social advocacy.)
* -(This University of Buffalo School of Social Work podcast focuses on criminal justice-related issues.)
* -(This YWCA of Great Britain position paper focuses on mental health and violence against women.)

Each of the resources represents an authentic example of individuals using social science to take a position through a video, a podcast, and a position paper.

For this assignment, reflect on each of the ways of taking a position and submit a journal assignment that addresses the following questions:

What are the similarities and the differences between the three mediums?
Explain how each medium may be more effective in certain ways. In other words, what are the advantages of each medium? When might you use one in lieu of another?
Which one appeals to you most?
Which medium do you wish to use for your final project and why?

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Sociology Journal


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