T5 W1 D1 R2

T5 W1 D1 R2.

Peer Responses:

    Length: A minimum of 150 words per post, not including references
    Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA per post from within the last    5 (Five)  years

Context: Nursing in the USA

NOTE: My Peers original assignment was: Locate current evidence based literature discussing the pros and cons of vaccinations.  Include the controversy and how to approach a patient with inquires over the safeness of vaccination.

T5 W1 D1 R2
Living in a state that has had recent measles outbreaks this is a topic that is very important to me and my future practice. In a recent article the discussion of parents hesitation in regards to vaccine correlates that “access, affordability, awareness, acceptance, and activation” (Mendel, 2017). This study works to show the most commonly seen hesitancy among parents but also the tactic to approach parents that have fears. The report shows that most fears include autism and too many vaccines at one time. Another concern that there are many new different types of vaccines, parents show concerns of the unknown. The author discuss that having “clear messages, respectful tone, use of statistics & details, information on pros & cons, credible source.” The author continues to discuss that having social media and news caring information has intensified the fears for parents. When false information is continually shared this allows for greater fear as well as more difficulty to teach the appropriate information. The author discusses that approaching the parent with compassion and respect can lead to a more successful discussion and education in regards to vaccinations.
Overall, this will definitely be an area that continues to have controversy. The priority is to educate and all parents to understand the travesty that can come without vaccinating. Herd immunity is important and if we do not encourage appropriate vaccinations the increase of outbreaks will continue. As medical providers it is our duty to educate and be well informed of the most current data. With vaccinations we eradicated polio this is possible with other diseases if we can continue worldwide vaccines.
Mendel, J. (2017). OVERVIEW OF VACCINE CONFIDENCE. Retrieved January 9, 2020, from https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/Mendel_Vaccine Confidence Overview and NVPOs Approach.pdf.

T5 W1 D1 R2


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