T5 W1 D2 R2

T5 W1 D2 R2.

Peer Responses:

    Length: A minimum of 150 words per post, not including references
    Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA per post from within the last 5 years

Context: Nursing in the USA

  When asking a patient what health means to them, you will get a variety of answers.  Every person has a different view on what health means to them.  The views of the patients may be dependent on their age, race, gender, social standing or spirituality.  For a patient that was raised in the 1940s, they may see health as absence of illness.  A male patient may view health as how they feel and if it hinders their daily life.  The point of view is very important when giving care to a patient.  The patient can be in the hospital for chest pain and new onset heart failure and when the nurse asks how are you feeling they may say fine.  The provider needs to evaluate how the patient defines their health in order to properly give care that they need. 
            When it comes to a patients health the nurse needs to do their best to tend to the needs of their patient.  They must act as advocate when needed.  The nurse is the ultimate deliverer of care to their patient.  The nurse is also responsible for educating the patient before they go home (Edelman, 2018).  The patient needs to be aware of any lifestyle change they need to make, how to make it and how to sustain the change.  Nurses have a multitude of knowledge to share with their patients its up to the patient to take the information and use it properly. 
            The ecological model of health is one of the models that interest me the most.  This model focuses on the interaction and interdependence of factors across all levels of a health problem.  It also focuses on the patients interactions with their physical and sociocultural surroundings.  The health behaviors that are influenced are intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community and public policy factors (Rural Health Information Hub, 2020
).  This model in a sense considers all facets of the patient, their lives and their surroundings.  A good provider needs to know the ins and outs of their patient in order to provide good care.

Edelman, C.  (2018).  Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span – E-Book (p. 2). Elsevier
Health Sciences. Kindle Edition.
Rural Health Information Hub.  (2020).  Ecological models.  Retrieved from


NOTE: My Peers original assignment was: Exploring the concepts of health: Why is the way an individual defines health and health problems important? What are the implications for nursing? Which theoretical model of health is of particularly interest to you? Why?

T5 W1 D2 R2


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