Tables 3

Tables 3.

Question 1 (Essay Worth 10 points)


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The table below shows the number of students from different classes of two schools who participated in a workshop on conservation of the environment:

School A 23 25 4 24 25 2 24 26 22
School B 32 35 28 29 30 25 27 29 28

Part A: How can you use box plots to compare the median and interquartile range of the data? Write the minimum value, first quartile, median, third quartile, and interquartile range for the two sets of data. (5 points)

Part B: Are the box plots symmetrical in shape? Justify your answer. (5 points)





Question 2 (Essay Worth 10 points)


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The table below shows the number of hours high school students of different cities of two states spend on surfing the internet each week:

State A 35 36 35 34 35 38 36 36 38
State B 24 22 20 50 25 24 65 25 26

Part A: Why is the histogram for State A different in shape, center, and spread than the histogram or State B? (5 points)

Part B: In which state did the students spend more average time on surfing the internet? Justify your answer. (5 points)





Question 3 (Essay Worth 10 points)


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A juice company did a survey among 100 customers to find their juice preferences. The customers were asked about their preferences for apple or orange juices. Out of the total 35 people who liked apple juice, eight liked orange juice also. There were 20 people who liked orange juice.

Part A: Summarize the data by writing the values that the alphabets A to I in the table below represent. (5 points)

Like apple juice Do not like apple juice Total
Like orange juice A B C
Do not like orange juice D E F
Total G H I

Part B: What percentage of the total people did not like either apple or orange juice? (3 points)

Part C: Do the people surveyed have more dislike for apple juice than orange juice? Justify your answer. (2 points)





Question 4 (Essay Worth 10 points)


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A student is assessing the correlation between the average number of hours of playing video games in a week and average score on a math test for the students of a class. The table below shows the data:

Number of hours of playing video games
0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5
Score on math test
90 88 86 84 82 80 78 76 74 72

Part A: Is there any correlation between the average number of hours of playing video games in a week and average score on the math test for the students of a class? Justify your answer. (4 points)

Part B: Write a function which best fits the data. (3 points)

Part C: What does the slope and y-intercept of the plot indicate? (3 points)





Question 5 (Essay Worth 10 points)


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George has found a relationship between the height of a person and his bowling score. The table below shows the data collected by George:

152 160 164 170 180 162 154 158 168
Bowling Score 51 55 57 60 65 55 52 54 59

Part A: What would most likely be the bowling score of a person who has a height of 156 cm? (3 points)

Part B: Predict a possible correlation coefficient for the data in the table and explain why you think your prediction is a good value for the data. (4 points)

Part C: George says that if the bowling ball is rolled with a greater force, the bowling score will be higher. Is this an example of correlation or causation? Justify your answer. (3 points)



Tables 3


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