The Role of Performance Evaluation

The Role of Performance Evaluation.

For this assignment, you need to write a 2 – 3 page paper that answers the following key topical questions:

What is the role and purpose of performance evaluation in a project environment?
How might one approach performance evaluation through different perspectives?
What kind of feedback can performance evaluation provide?
Please note that these are prompts for you to address within your paper. Your paper should be written as an essay with topical headers; it should not be formatted in a Q&A format according to the above questions. These questions represent the minimal items that you would want to address. From your readings and your lectures, you will be exposed to other topics that may be relevant to the paper, and you would do well to consider those in writing the essay. Additionally, you are required to cite at least two sources outside the course materials in writing this paper. As part of my evaluation process (see attached rubric), papers which cite peer reviewed sources as opposed to general websites or articles are considered a higher quality of source.

Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in writing the paper. Think of this list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.

Paper is 2 – 3 pages in length
Paper format complies with APA 6 guidelines
If you are unfamiliar with APA 6 guidelines, please review the sample paper at the following link:
Also, you will find additional resources listed in the syllabus
No more than 15 percent of paper is comprised of outside sources or direct quotes
Paper fully addresses the three topical questions listed above
Paper is not written in a Question and Answer format, but makes appropriate use of headers and formating in compliance with APA 6 guidelines
Paper evidences reflection of the individual author relative to the broader discipline
Paper is free of grammatical errors

The Role of Performance Evaluation


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