The role of the RN/APRN in policy Making

The role of the RN/APRN in policy Making.

What types of words would you use to build a nursing  word cloud? Empathetic, organized  hard working or advocate would all certainly apply. Would you add policy maker to your list. Do you think. It would be a very prominent  component  of the word cloud. Nursing has become one of the largest professions in the world,  and as such nurses have the potential to influence policy and policy and politics on a global scale. When nurses influence the politics that improve the delivery of healthcare , they are ultimately advocating for their patients.  Hence, policy making has become an increasingly popular term among nurses as they recognize a moral and professional  obligation to be engaged in healthcare  legislation.  Research website  and consider RNs and APRNs in policy making. Reflect  on potential  opportunities  that may exist for RN and APRNs to participate in the policy making process.  Explain two opportunities that exist for RNs and APRNS  to actively participate in policy making.  Explain some of the challenges that these opportunities may present and describe how you might overcome these challenges.  Finally recommend two strategies you might make to better advocate for or communicate the existence of these opportunities to participate in policy making.  Be specific and provide examples.  Provide 3 references

The role of the RN/APRN in policy Making


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