Thunder Run Battle of Baghdad (2003)

Thunder Run Battle of Baghdad (2003).

Case study:  Thunder Run Battle of Baghdad (2003)
Develop an analytical essay with a minimum of three pages, no more than five pages (not including the title and references pages), using the six principles of mission command (ADRP [Army Doctrine Reference Publication] 6-0, Mission Command, sections 2-1 thru 2-5) to appraise.

Constructing essay in accordance with the APA Writing Style.
Analyze and evaluate the major points of your case study for research utilizing the Six Principles of Mission Command. Use your time to develop a deep understanding of your topic to fully explain your analysis. You are required to give an in depth introduction of your topic using an abstract based on the APA writing style. Then, develop the body of the paper using not less than 3 full pages, and no more than 5 pages. Provide transitional sentences from one topic to the next. You are required to provide at least three scholary or doctrinal reference on a properly APA formatted reference page at the end of your essay.
Ensure your essay is double-spaced, uses 1″ margins, and Times New Roman 12 point font. Furthermore, it must follow the APA standards described on the online resource located at

    The  essay should include four major sections:
o    Title Page
o    Abstract (150 to 250 words)
o    Main Body
o    References Page

    Make sure you understand the assignment requirements contained in the 1009W Rubric (attached).
    Microsoft word APA template displays the required and different paragraph headers.
    Purdue owl sample APA paper attached displays the correct/required APA format
    Further instructions are located in the Analytical essay instructions ppt attached.
    ADRP 6-0 contains the information on the six principles of mission command needed for evaluating the case study.

Thunder Run Battle of Baghdad (2003)


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