U6 Minimum 250 Word Discussion

U6 Minimum 250 Word Discussion.

U6 Minimum 250 word discussion.

Share your insights about ethical principles in psychology by responding to the following questions:

  • What      do you see as the ethical issue or issues involved in the case study you      reviewed? Cite the relevant elements within the APA’s Ethical Principles      of Psychologists and Code of Conduct to support your analysis.
  • What      steps would you take to attempt to resolve the issue?
  • How      can you apply the principles from the Becoming an Ethical Helping      Professional coursepack readings to the case study you chose?
  • How      does this issue as well as the other standards in the APA ethics code      relate to your future career in psychology?
  • What      is the difference between conducting research in the field of psychology      and conducting your informational interview for this course?
  • What      ethical principles are most applicable to your professional interview?
  • What      will you do to ensure you adhere to ethical principles while conducting      your interview?


U6 Minimum 250 Word Discussion


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