Uniform Allowance and how it disbursed to Sailors

Uniform Allowance and how it disbursed to Sailors.

Please write this paper in three part communication and fowlow  the outline provided. I have attached my outline and example of what my paper format (three part comm) should look like provided by my instructor.

I have also attached Practical exercise instruction.

The Navy is always changing their uniform in what seems like every 5 years. even though the Sailors get a annual uniform allowance, the money for lower rank personal is spent on other things. And when it is time to buy a new change uniform–the younger sailors don’t have the money available. This is why I am purposing a uniform card in which the money we get annually goes there and when we need it–we have it.

Again the outline should help meet what the paper should be about.

Uniform Allowance and how it disbursed to Sailors


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